Samsung Galaxy S III wins EISA’s Best Mobile Phone 2012-2013


The smartphone global leader & the largest tech company has once more excelled this year. Samsung Electronics was attributed four shiny new awards from the European Imaging and Sound Association Awards (EISA), an association of around 50 magazines from 19 European countries which hands out various awards for technology, design and innovation to tech companies worldwide.

The nominated devices include the famous GALAXY S III and the Series 8 Televisions, HT-E6750W, NX20. Samsung has seduced the world with its innovation, design and quality of products. Being the best Android manufacturer is one thing but sweeping out four EISA awards just proves Samsung’s superiority.

The top-selling Galaxy S III itself being listed as the best “European Mobile Phone 2012-2013” on EISA’s website. It is rather an unsurprising win given the hype surrounding that device, and the quality Samsung’s been able to bring across the board, plus other numerous awards won in previous years with its GALAXY S line.

via Samsung


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