DOJ seizes three Android pirate sites


The US The federal government is apparently attempting to curb down software piracy but this move wasn’t quite expected. This is the first time that the DOJ took note of the rising rate of piracy in the Android ecosystem.

The three websites taken down are the famous, and which are now all under the government’s control judging by the copyright notice.

Those websites were supposedly distributing ‘paid content for free’ without permission from the software developers who would otherwise sell copies of the apps on legitimate online markets for a fee. The FBI investigation even consisted of downloading those ‘cracked applications’ and when the time came the DoJ and the FBI teamed up with Dutch and French law enforcement officials to bring the servers down, since the servers were hosted in other countries.

“The theft of intellectual property, particularly within the cyber arena, is a growing problem and one that cannot be ignored by the U.S government’s law enforcement community,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Brian D. Lamkin said yesterday in a statement. “These thefts cost companies millions of dollars and can even inhibit the development and implementation of new ideas and applications.” – “Cracking down on piracy of copyrighted works  including popular apps is a top priority of the Criminal Division”

This gives us a glimpse that more such ‘pirate sites’ will be taken down, that’s surely another blow to Android pirates who now have to rely on torrent trackers.

via CNet