Daily Android Game: Taumi – Pong the gong (Extended edition)


Taumi – Pong the Gong (Extended edition) Android game developed by Jeebumm developer brings back memories of old-school flying power disc madness (WindJammers). The game has beautiful graphics, nice sound effects and it is optimized for HD displays.

Taumi is a mixture between Air Hockey and the classic Ping Pong game moved into a remote, yet futuristic scenario, where robots are the contenders.

The game has 5 stages (arennas) comes with both single and multi-player game option. In single player mode your playing against other CPU robots, while on the multi-player if your device supports multi-touch and the screen is big enough you can play it with your buddies (recommended for tablets).


  • 2 players mode (on the same device)
  • 5 stages in 2 different game modes
  • optimized for SD and HD displays

Download Taumi available free on Google Play store.