Synaptics ClearPad Touch Controller Demo [Video]


AnandTech has uploaded a video showing off Synaptic’s latest touch innovations in both the ClearPad 2 and the clearPad 3.

The video starts out by showing the difference between a typical sensor and their ClearPad 2. The typical sensor was made of two layers, one for transmitting and one for receiving, while the clearPad 2 consisted of just one layer. Not only did this make the sensor more cost-effective and thinner, because there is less material the viewing angles are improved in addition to better quality optics.

The second part of the video focused on comparing the clearPad 3 contained in the HTC One X to a competitor in what looks to be a Motorola RAZR. To contrast the two sensors the video used an application that can be found on Synaptic’s website and some sort of cylinder that emulates a finger. The first trial was what’s called a linearity test which just involved drawing a straight line and comparing the perceived touch points with the line. While the clearPad 3 made a line with an extremely small deviation the competitor looked surprisingly erratic for a high end smart phone. Remember that this test is for something very specific, it doesn’t necessarily translate to the real world usage. Synaptics said that a lot of the improvements in the sensor came from the ability to filter out noise in the touch inputs and to show this off they had some more awesome demos.

The next demonstration showed that when you had water on your finger and tried to use the competitors sensor it was basically unusable while the ClearPad 3 handled it just fine. This is a huge pet peeve of mine so great to see this done! The last demo was about noise introduced by an off the shelf charger. Consistent with the other tests, the competitor struggled while the ClearPad 3 flies through. Synaptics explained that they analysed the nosie source from the charger and eliminated it.

The future looks brighter everyday!