Sony Xperia P Receiving ICS Globally


Sony Xperia S received its ICS update¬†almost two months ago, and next on the list was its little brother, the Xperia P. Now the update is official guys, as Sony stated on their Facebook page:¬†“Ice Cream Sandwich is rolling out for Xperia P! Check out the Xperia blog for all of the latest features.”

The update brings the Android version to 4.0, and includes all of the goodies present in ICS, and some Sony add-ons, like Walkman music player. The update is rolling out globally and it should hit every Xperia P smartphone in the following days.

According to Sony, the Xperia U is next on the update list. When it’s released, we don’t know, but it shouldn’t take too long before Xperia U users get treated with Ice Creams.