Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Bezel Leaks


Now, this is interesting. We got an image of what seems to be the screen bezel of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which will be announced in a few weeks. From the measurements we can conclude the screen will be 5,5 inches in diagonal, which makes it even bigger than the one found in its predecessor. This confirms the rumors we heard months back, that the device will feature a giant 5,5 inch display.

To our surprise, the design of the front of the device is not similar to the Galaxy S3 as we expected, but is rather an upsized original Galaxy Note (save for the home button styling). Anyway, it’s still a good looker.

We are eagerly waiting for the day when Samsung will officially unveil the successor of the highly popular Galaxy Note. As always, we will keep you informed about everything we hear about the Galaxy Note 2.