LG Confirms, Optimus 2X Will Receive Ice Cream Sandwich


The LG Optimus 2X was the first dual-core phone ever released. It initially came with Android 2.2 and received a Gingerbread update after a long period of time. It was supposed to receive ICS as well, LG themselves have put it on the list. Things, however, has changed in the previous months. To be precise, an LG Canada official has announced on Twitter that the device will not taste ICS. On the other hand, we get some info from LG Korea and it speaks the complete opposite. They say that the former flagship will get ICS after all and the update has reached the testing phase.

Though this is some big news, this topic remains questionable. After all, there’s not much info and all we can do is wait and see the final results, hoping they will turn out to be satisfying.