Daily Android Game: 9 Innings Pro Baseball 2013 (review)


To be a Baseball fan in the UK can be very lonely. When people ask you if you follow sport and you nod wildly and say “Yeah, Baseball!”, they often look at you strangely. So games like this can be a good way to play out your passion.

The graphics might not be the most labour intensive for your GPU (in fact it almost looks like it has been brought over from the original Nintendo), but that just adds to the character of the came. If you used to collect baseball cards as a kid, or even if you still do, then you will appreciate this game. Each card you collect unlocks extra points for your team like extra endurance for the pitchers, more support from the crowd, or better refreshments at the seventh inning stretch.

There are numerous game modes, and I believe that the co-0p play is new to this edition. You can choose to run through an entire season, half or even go straight to the playoffs. You choose the teams that exist in the MLB, but they will not have the same logo’s (something to do with copyright I imagine). It will however, have all the teams from this years season.

Once you have chosen your team, you will set yourself challenges to accomplish though out the season. The better you do, the more points you get back in return. You can then compare yourself to other players on Com2US’ leader board.

Play is simple: When batting, tap the button marked with a bat. The batter will automatically aim for the ball. Sometimes he’ll hit, sometimes he’ll miss. When pitching, the screen will show you which pitches your pitcher can throw. Choose one and then choose where to aim by placing your finger inside (or outside) the box in the magnifying glass on screen. Then your pitcher winds up and hurls the ball. If the opposing batter hits it, your fielders will auto-field and try and get the runner(s) out. Same if you are the batter and get a base hit, he will run the bases a