HTC asked by the independent Android developers community to change its kernel source releases policy through a petition


The independent Android development community at XDA Developers Forums, have started an online petition through which they are asking HTC to change its policy regarding the kernel source releases.

As the petition states “many users interested in the development on HTC devices have recently been    becoming more and more frustrated with HTC’s policy on kernel source code    releases. While other companys such as Samsung release their kernel source    the same day as a phone is released or an update is pushed to a device,    HTC follows a different path. HTC while is supporting development via    their bootloader unlocking tools, which we are thankful for, they seem to    not care when it comes to how long after an update is pushed or a phone is    released that it takes them to release their source code. By doing this    they are hindering development on their own devices and tempting    developers to leave HTC and move on to Samsung due to the greater support    for developers of samsung devices.”

“The GPL states that the source must be released within 14 of a request of    such code. However, it doesn’t state a grace period or a timeline for    which it has to be released. HTC says that “HTC will normally publish this    within 90 to 120 days” (HTCDEV) and in this time they claim that they are    still complying with the rules and regulations of the GPL v2.0.”

There’s more in this petition, but I’m not going to paste everything in here, I assume you catch my drift.

Anyways getting back to the topic, users and developers alike have joined together to sign this petition in order to convince the Taiwanese vendor to change its own policy of 90 to 120 days and with this change to speed up the independent Android development for HTC devices.

So far, they managed to gather 531 signatures out of 7000, if you are interested in signing the petition click here, while for discussion, we are waiting for your commentaries on this topic below.

A good cause I would say, but, do you think HTC wants this?