Unreleased Samsung GT-P8110 Tablet with 1.7 GHz CPU Passes Through the FCC


A FCC filing  reveled a tablet, Samsung hasn’t said anything about. All we know at this point is the GT-P8110 tablet has a camera, rounded edges, 802.11n WiFi, bluetooth, and NFC. With a Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet already announced this could be the beginning of an entire new line.

GT-P8110 as an unreleased device this could be the P10 with a 11.8 inch touch screen  and 2560 x 1600 resolution display, leaked at the end of the month from one of the documents that the court forced Samsung to reveal in the patent war against Apple.

Considering the device has passed through the FCC we should be seeing more details relatively soon. A good mystery is always fun, leave some speculation about the tablet in the comments!