CyanogenMod 10 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ported to worlds first Android smartphone T-Mobile G1


Another slap in the face of all OEM‘s that constantly disregard¬†people’s intelligence is the topic I want to bring to discussion today. Whenever they don’t have enough time, money to spend, man power to dedicate to optimize an Android version for all of their already released handsets, vendors come up with a lame excuse like: it’s a hardware problem, we are sorry, but we wont be able to support the new Android version for this device (HTC Desire HD, Samsung GALAXY S, GALAXY TAb, LG Optimus G2X¬†just to name a few).

How is it that freelance developers are always able to find a way to port new versions of Android on devices with far poorer hardware specs. One such example is the T-Mobile G1, the worlds first Android device. Take a look at the video below showing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean CM10 port on the G1.

Millions of customers have been lied to, and I am one of them. My advice is to always look to buy Google Nexus devices, because it is the only way to have certainty that you’ll alway get an upgrade to the latest Android version (take Nexus S for example). In my opinion any Android device should receive software updates from the day its being released to the market and up to 2 years later, after that the upgrade support may be dropped, because most of us once every 2 years upgrade to a newer handset.