Daily Android App: Holo Launcher HD (Review)


If you like to have granular control over your device, then this app is for you.

It replaces the default Android OS launcher which handles the UI and launching of apps. It gives you intricate control on how you device looks and feels and responds to your touch.¬†When I first started using Jelly Bean, I was puzzled as to why you couldn’t delete desktop pages you didn’t use. I only needed 2 maximum, but as a default it gives you four. With Holo Launcher HD, You can create or delete as many pages as you want to use. You can also increase the amount of dock space you want. You can increase the number of apps per page, and add up to 3 pages on the dock which are accessible by simply swiping left of right on the dock.


Holo Launcher HD also lets you use other gestures. For example, On the default launcher, an up swipe will bring up Google Now. A down swipe shows the notifications (but only from the top and bottom edges of the screen). With this app, you can set each swipe to mean different things(and if you pay for the upgrade, other gestures are available too like pinch in, pinch out), and it doesn’t have to be from the edge of the screen, you can show the notifications by swiping down from the middle of the screen.

The best feature I’ve found so far though, is the feature that allows you to ‘zoom out’ and see all pages at once (much like Mission Control does on Mac OSX 10.7 and up). This allows you to quickly switch between pages without having to swipe through all of the ones in between (handy if you have lots of desktop pages).