GameKlip the solution to Android game controls problem?


The Android games are based on virtual on-screen joysticks, virtual pads that pretty much suck because they either don’t steer properly or the action (kick, shoot, jump) buttons don’t work when you touch the screen, reason why many of us feel the need of a physical controller.

If last month we showed you how to play on a Samsung GALAXY Note with the use of a PlayStation 3 controller, today we are showing you another tool called GameKlip, that makes the connection between a cordless controller (in this case Sony Dualshock3 Bluetooth controller) and your Android device with the help of Sixaxis Controller Android app available on Google Play store for about $2, which allows many Android smartphones to connect to a Playstation 3 controller giving native analog input, emulate touch and physical/hardware controls.

Made out of strong ABS plastic, GameKilip easily snaps onto your DualShock3 controller, providing a solid mounting platform for your Android device. Each GameKlip is laser cut and thermoformed to the controller and phone.

What’s cool about GameKlip is that you dont need to worry about compatibility for your phone, because it doesnt use any software. Its just a tool that makes the bridge, linking the physical controller to your device. However you will need compatibility check for your device with Sixaxis application. This is easy as well, because Dancing Pixel Studios the guys behind, Sixaxis have a compatibility checker tool that is free and available on Google play as well.

The GameKlip is available without a cable (wireless) for $15.00 a piece and wired play for $23.00 compatible with the following Android devices:

  • Galaxy SIII (All Variants)
  • Galaxy SII (Epic 4G Touch, Sprint)
  • Galaxy SII (Skyrocket, AT&T)
  • Galaxy SII (Int