User Management – Try Out Jelly Bean’s Multi User Support, minus the Command Line


Recently, it was discovered that Jelly Bean contained code for semi-functional Multi User environments. Till now, experiencing this was only possible if you knew how to use the command line on your rooted Jelly Bean device. Now, the writer of this post (Raghav Sood) has published an app that allows anyone with a rooted Jelly Bean device to use this feature. The app can:

  • Create Users
  • List Users
  • Rename Users
  • Switch To Users
  • Remove Users

Now you can try out all of this on any rooted Jelly Bean device (CM10 or stock, doesn’t matter) without going anywhere close to the command line.

Learn more about rooting your device and this discovery at the original XDA thread.

The app can be found on Google Play here.