Monster Life: a Review


Anyone who has played games such as Skylanders: Spyro’s adventure on the Xbox or Wii will familiar with this game concept: you are the only thing that stands between peace and the total destruction of the land of Numa.¬†You are charged with raising an army of pets (or Tamanos), training them, caring for them and pitting them in battle against the forces of evil; Chaos and his minions.

You’ll start off on a ranch given an unhatched Tamanos and be quickly guided through the process of caring for it. All Tamanos start life in the nursery (the big barn) and stay there till they evolve to become adolescent. Then, you can start training them to fight.

As well as caring for your pets, you can also construct a variety of buildings on your ranch. There are three kinds: Habitats, where the Tamanos live; Attractions, which will give you money; and Boosters, which increase certain needs. Each Tamanos have 4 needs that must be satisfied. Hunger, cleanliness, entertainment and training.