Simple multi-user environment hidden in Android 4.1 Jellybean


Multi-user functionality is common for operating systems designed for computers. It has existed for decades and is proven to be a very successful concept for families and several people sharing a single PC. However, we haven’t seen such features on our tablets powered by either Apple’s iOS or Google‘s Android yet. Until now, that is. We’ve heard a quite interesting story just a while ago and we’re ready to share it with you. It has been proven that Android 4.1 Jellybean can handle more than one ‘user account’! Now, that’s a big one, until you hear the rest of the story. That so called ‘user interface’ is very plain and simple and can be only obtained on ROM’s build on AOSP through a command line. What it does bring, though, is a completely different story. It brings a separate, secured lock screen and home screen with limited functionality. On the other hand, all users seem to share the same media and accounts set up on the phone/tablet.

There may be several apps that boast this features, but it will be interesting to see Google at least try to implement this feature on Jellybean, or possibly the next version of Android. In the mean time, spend some time watching the video containing the interesting concept Jellybean has to offer.