Companies team up to bring 3DMark to Android


Tired of Quadrant, Antutu or Vellamo and all others, want a real benchmarking suite? Then this might be of interest, Futuremark’s “Benchmark Development Program” now includes Acer, Intel, Qualcomm and SingTel-Optus. Altogether they’ll partner to bring up 3DMark to Android.

Intel’s entry into this development is quite rapid for a company having released a single phone; the Orange-exclusive San Diego that sports an Intel x86 Processor. This could indicate their strategy to design & work on more devices, or they just want 3DMark on Android to push forward the adoption of Intel Mobile Processors.

Currently Microsoft, NVIDIA, Samsung and AMD are all part of the same Benchmark Development Program, yet only Samsung produces Android handsets. Futuremark’s experience is largely attributed to theirĀ  3DMark & PCMark benchmarking suites which became common software among overclockers and enthusiastics, the rise of Android smartphones may have influenced their decision to produce a mobile version of their software.

3DMark should be coming to Android later this year, where it will measure the performance of Android smartphones with graphics rendering, physics tests, and the abilities of the CPU, and it’ll be relying on OpenGL ES2.0 as most Android Applications.

via ZDNet