XDA Member Post Pictures of Motorola RAZR HD


This phone had been known as Motorola Droid Fighter for quite some time now, but we also knew it might be called RAZR HD. Four months ago we saw it in a leak photo next to the RAZR, and it looked a lot like it. We hadn’t had a chance to see it again, until now.

A XDA member posted pictures of the test device owned by his friend, who got it from a friend that’s a Motorola engineer. As we said before, the device resembles the original RAZR a lot, save for the size and capacitive buttons. It packs a 4,65 inch display of HD resolution with on-screen buttons, much like the Galaxy Nexus. It features an 8MP camera, possibly with 1080p video recording. It’s pre-loaded with Android ICS, but since it’s a test device, Jellybean is very possible at launch. Unfortunately, we have no information regarding what processor it uses, how much RAM it has, or other features of the phone, but we hope we will get to know this phone a lot better in the following weeks. Enjoy the photos!




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