Sony Xperia Tablet design leaks with lots of details 9.4″ display, 8.8mm thinn & Tegra3 CPU


Sony Tablet S offspring leaks in multiple slides on XDA forums revealing not only its new branding – Sony Xperia Tablet, but also its slimm design, 42% thinner then the original Tablet S, most of its hardware specifications and several images that shows its new aluminium splash proof body. Let’s get into the specs sheet.

According to these slides Xperia tablet will feature a 9.4″ touch screen with 1280 x 800p resolution display, it is powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 3 (4-Plus-1) quad-core chipset, 8MP camera on the back 1MP in front, 6000 mAh battery and Android 4.0 ICS OS. In addition the Xperia tablet will be available in three different storages at launch 16/32/64 GB expandable thorugh a microSD card slot and two connectivity models. There will be a 3G+WiFi (weighs 570 grams) and a WiFi-only tablet (weight TBA).

Regarding its pricing details, Sony has added a suggested retail price for all three Xperia tablet models as follows: 16GB SGPT121US/S costs $449.99, 32GB SGPT122US/S costs $549.99 and 64GB SGPT123US/S costs $649.99 at launch. There’s also a long list of acccessories and ERP prices for Sony Xperia tablet but we wont get into that now.

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