Nextel Brazil Launches Motorola i867 Ferrari


Motorola i867 is another Ferrari-inspired phone from the company. Its last one was a feature phone slider, but this one is a full-fledged Android smartphone. It features a 3,1 inch touchscreen, 2GB microSD card pre-installed, and all the usual connectivity features, like Wi-Fi, GPS, GSM, etc. Interesting thing about this phone is that it features PTT thanks to Motorola’s iDEN technology. All of this is packed into a neat and stylish Ferrari-inspired shell, which features elements from the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Unfortunately, much precious information about the device is missing, like the processor info, Android version, internal storage, and so on, but according to what we have already heard, it’s probably a low-end device. It will be available from Nextel for $737,9 contact-free and $393 on a two year contract. The prices are rather high if you ask us, but keep in mind you are paying for the brand here, not for the specs.