Daily Android App: Gauge Battery Widget



Have you ever had a device and wanted to know what the battery level was? I had exactly that issue with my brand new Nexus 7. Although this app says ‘widget‘ you can use it simply in your notification bar (or combined bar if you are on a 10 inch tablet).

This is a true multipurpose app for your battery information, from using the widget to a notification telling you your percentage you’ll also be able to see an accurate graph of your battery usage (so long as you are on 2.1 or higher).

In the notifications you will be able to, or have the option to, show a customized battery icon, show/hide voltage, show/hide temperature, show/hide charging status, as well as remaining charging time and the time when your device will be fully charged.

The widget is not without its merits, you can change the colors for high low and medium and have the option for 3 different sizes and 4 different styles to fit with whatever layout you have for your home screens. Unlike various others the 1×1 widget looks just as good as its 1×2 and 2×2 counterparts giving you the same experience with each size and style of widget.

For anyone looking for a simple way to view your battery info and percentage with a speedometer feel, this app will not disappoint.

How far can you go with a battery widget? Apparently very far.

Download Gauge Battery Widget free from Google Play store


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