Daily Android App: Flipster for Facebook


I know you’ve all been searching for a good and fast-working Android application for Facebook like I did until I stumble across Flipster for Facebook. Its light, really fast, has support for up to 12 themes and it is available for free on Google Play. There are a few missing features however, like Facebook Pages section, but all in all it is far better than the official Facebook App for Android and probably one of the best alternatives right now. I’ve tried many other third-party Facebook apps, but I always get back to Flipster for Facebook.

Flipster for Facebook features:

  • 12 beautiful designs/themes
  • Swipe/flip based touch navigation
  • Post status updates on Facebook
  • Post on other walls
  • Checkin to show your friends where you are
  • Comment postings of your friends
  • Browse your newsstream and ticker
  • Check out your friends profiles/galleries
  • Beautiful high res image gallery
  • Receive Facebook notifications
  • Receive private messages
  • Supports Facebook groups
  • Includes a birthday calendar
  • Check upcoming/past events in Flipsters event calendar
  • RSVP to events

Download Flipster for Facebook available free on Google Play store.