The reason behind HTC decision not to update Desire HD to Ice Cream Sandwich


When Taiwan-based OEM officially broke the news last week that HTC Desire HD will not see an upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich a lot of owners became frustrated, they even started an online petition which gathered over 12,000 signatures in less than 5 days.

In response to the huge negative feedback, HTC issued a statement on their official blog saying:

“We’ve heard your feedback on our decision not to update the HTC Desire HD to Android 4.0. We completely understand that this is a controversial decision.

For more background, due to how storage on the HTC Desire HD is partitioned – and the larger size of Android 4.0 – it would require re-partitioning device storage and overwriting user data in order to install this update. While technically advanced users might find this solution acceptable, the majority of customers would not. We also considered ways to reduce the overall size of the software package, but this would impact features and functionality that customers are currently using. Even after installing the update, there were other technical limitations which we felt negatively impacted the user experience.

We believe an update should always improve the user experience and carefully evaluate each update based on this criteria. While we are very aware of the disappointment from this decision, we believe the impact to user experience was too great. We recognize this is a change from our previous statement and for that we’re truly sorry.”

Lots of Desire HD owners  have been waiting over 7-8 months for a firmware upgrade to Android version 4.0 ICS OS, to find out on the last-minute that the update has been canceled. Freelance developers who started the online petition “Give us Ice Cream Sandwich for HTC Desire HD,” have had their own point of view regarding HTC’s explanation and here it is:

“Now Part of this is true, as we did need to system link stuff for a ICS Sense 4 rom that I am developing, but the fact still remains, they can always release a pure version of Android for developers on HTCDev or the version that hey repartitions everything. They said they want to help developers with that site, well they they need to help us. I am going to be trying to contact HTC at the start of the week, and see if the corporate office will pick up, or call me back.”

We would like to hear your thoughts on HTC’s decision.