Sony UK: Due to overwhelming demand ICS for Xperia arc S is now available


What are social pages for if not to interact and answer to your customers questions. Sony UK on its Facebook page responded to several customer questions among these answers Sony revealed that “due to overwhelming customer demand ICS for Xperia arc S is now available.” However it might not receive the latest Android 4.1 OS according to the same source.

In other news, Sony also confirmed through the same firing Q&A on their Facebook page (which in our opinion is pretty obvious) that Xperia Mini Pro wont be getting an upgrade to either Android 4.0 ICS OS nor the latest version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Ending with a third interesting answer that “the market seems to prefer large touch screens to keyboards at the moment, so, unfortunately we don’t have any current plans to release an Xperia with a keyboard.” We wont be seeing a Sony smartphone with a physical keyboard anytime soon,¬†unless the market demands it.