Samsung Develops 350ppi OLED Displays


The screen is probably one of the most important parts of a smartphone. With companies pushing the limits with bigger panels and higher resolutions, technology that was considered as good yesterday may today be considered as obsolete! Apple may have started the game of high-definition screens with extremely high pixel densities(Retina displays) with the release of the iPhone 4, but other companies have managed to catch up, and even beat them in their own game. That’s what will likely happen when Samsung release their brand new OLED screens with extremely high pixel densities, say, 350ppi!

Reports say that Samsung has managed to produce high quality OLED screens of 350ppi using a new Fine Metal Mask technology. To make a small comparison, Samsung currently produce their panels using the more conventional L ITI technology.

Although Samsung have not officially confirmed this achievement, it will probably become clearer sooner than you think.




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