Daily Android App: Mightytext (SMS Text Messaging ↔PC Texting)


Mightytext is a system that syncs your cellphone’s messages with their servers through Google’s app engine allowing you to text and picture message from your computer/tablet.

Installing is as simple as can be, you install the app to your phone and you are good to go! Firefox and Chrome have extensions that allow pop up notifications but if you don’t use those browsers or you’re on a tablet the web app functions just fine. After it’s all set up head over to the web app, from here you can view/send texts and MMS, manage your settings, and call your contacts (this will just have your phone start calling them, so you’ll need your device handy for this). I believe that when you send texts from the web app the message is routed to your phone then your phone sends it off but MMS must work differently because picture messages sent from the web app don’t show up in my device’s messages.

In my testing I found Mightytext to work very well, messages popped up instantly on my computer and I could easily reply. It also notifies you when someone is calling and of missed calls, very welcome features! If you use Handcent or GoSMS pro you need to fiddle around with some of the settings to get notifications working, more details can be found on their support site.

A little tip to have your contact’s name show up on the web app, go to settings and at the bottom there will be a button to link with your google contacts. One note on picture messages is when sending from the computer only .PNG files seemed to work, .JPG files would send from the computer but the pictures wouldn’t be received by the target which is very odd considering my phone stores pictures in the .JPG format. I have contacted support to learn more about this issue. I did not have the opportunity to send video files from the computer so if it works for you please leave a comment!

Besides the picture message issue, the one thing I would add is the ability to manage your texts in some sort of batch mode, right now on the web app you have to delete conversation threads one person at a time. Overall this a great product and has the great price of free! Thank you Alec Pettyjohn for helping me with testing.

Download SMS Text Messaging ↔PC Texting app available for free on Google Play.