New Android Vulnerabilities Discovered by Hacking Conference, NFC, Play Store and Older Android Versions Exposed at Risk


When it comes down to security, even the ‘safest’ and most popular operating systems are exposed at risk. No matter how hard they try to make the operating systems safer, there will always be security holes. The Hacking Conference has just exposed three security bugs in the Android OS, putting a lot of the consumers to danger.

The first bug is found in the Google Play Store‘s security software Bouncer. It detects malicious apps and removes them instantly from the store, but it looks like the detection could be easily evaded. This puts every Android device out there in danger.

Other security hole is found in the Android browser in the past versions of Android (<=2.3). It’s an exploit, and it’s already patched in Google Chrome, which means the latest Android versions are out of danger.

And last, but not least, the Hacking Conference discovered a serious hole in the NFC system. A device small as a postage stamp could infect a NFC-enabled device without the user knowing. That’s a serious threat to Android‘s security.

That’s all about we can say about these vulnerabilities. And don’t forget: Always double-check the permissions the app you want to installs needs, and never open websites that seem malicious to you. That way you’ll save your device from attacks, and save yourself time and frustration.