ASUS Padfone Receives Android 4.0.4 Update, Brings Optimizations And Fixes


ASUS‘ Padfone was launched a month ago featuring Android 4.0 right out of the box. That didn’t stop ASUS from bringing another ICS update to the fellow users. Although it’s not the much-anticipated Jellybean update the folks are eagerly waiting for, it certainly brings some improvements. It updates Android to version 4.0.4, fixes some stability issues, guarantees better battery life and stability and improves the camera quality. But, our guess is that the biggest improvements are the added support for 64 GB microSD cards and the new ‘Super Notefeature which will recognize handwriting, a feature that only resistive touchscreens are supposed to have.

The update should be received as an OTA one, though it can be also downloaded from ASUS‘ website.