WiFi Xoom Gets Taste of Jellybean, It’s All a Part of The Soak Test


Motorola Xoom

Let the tests begin! Some signed up users have already started receiving Android 4.1 Jellybean on their Xooms as a part of the Soak Test rolled up by Motorola. As we stated above, only signed up users can receive this update and, if everything is right, Motorola will start pushing the update to the conventional Xoom users. However, currently only the WiFi version of the Xoom has the chance of tasting Jellybean and the Verizon version is out of the league for now. This is mainly due to some extra tests that have to be done by Verizon in order to deliver the richest user experience possible. This reminds us of the ICS delay for the Verizon Xoom, which was a few months late. But, since Jellybean is not a major improvement over Ice Cream Sandwich, the current delay may not be so disastrous.