International Sony LT29i Hayabusa Leaks, Pictures Are Inside


Sony Hayabusa

You might be familiar with the fact that Sony is about to release the Sony Xperia GX, a Japan-only device that is also supposed to appear as an international smartphone. The phone will carry the model name ‘LT29i’ and the current codename is ‘Hayabusa’.

Though the pictures show us an outdated prototype instead of the retail device, they are able to highlight the key differences between the Sont LT29i and it’s Japanese brother mentioned above: The NTT DoCoMo logo from the Xperia GX is gone and it’s replaced with the quite familiar Sony logo.

Changes are noticed at the bottom as well: The Xperia GX carries a Sony logo, while the LT29i features an Xperia logo that has backlight functionality, which is kinda neat! We can also conclude that this device will run Android 4.0.4 out of the box by looking at the about screen. The chipset and other features are still unknown, though.