Samsung to Announce a New US Galaxy Device, “Save The Date” August 15th


It looks like something big is coming soon! Samsung, as stated in the title, set an announcement date for August the 15th. They let the world know by sending out some “Save the Date” emails, which manage to inform you about ‘the newest Galaxy device’ without spoiling the surprise. Here’s a sample:

Please join Samsung Electronics America for a major announcement and unveiling of the newest Galaxy device.

Our guess is that a new Galaxy Note 5.5-inch is in the works, possibly the successor of the very popular 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note, or it may just be the 10.1 Galaxy Note that also features an S-Pen, just like the original GNote. Or, it may just be another phone that’s supposed to compete in the mid-range, say, the Galaxy S Blaze Q, but we doubt Samsung would cause such excitement just for a mid-end device.

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