Batman The Dark Knight Rises game for Android available now on Play store for $6.99



The official game created by Gameloft and inspired by Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster movie Batman – The Dark Knight Rises is now available for Android on Google Play for $6.99.

Returning home after a long period of absence, Batman has to abolish a new threat in the person of Bane, a villain who’s controlling the organized crime in Gotham City.

Playing as Batman your goal is to save Gotham from the biggest threat it’s ever faced with the help of his allies and lots of tools and weapons.

While the story unfolds Batman has to go through to dozens of missions plus random events, which will definitely make you feel all the thrills of being a superhero that has to deal with hostage situations, jailbreaks, car chases and all the movie characters like Catwoman, Lucius Fox or Commissioner Gordon.

Download Batman The Dark Knight Rises from Google Play for $6.99.


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