Huawei to launch a new flagship phone & implement a fully customizable UI on its future devices


Huawei is looking for a feasible way to implement a new UI (user interface) on all future Android devices that would give users the possibility to fully customize their home screens. So far so good, we like clean home screen launchers that gives you lots of options to tweak like ADW, GO launcher EX, Zeam, Nemus Luancher, Apex, etc.

The China-based OEM plans to manufacture a new high-end device in the near future which could compete against any top flagship phone from Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola or any other vendor. Huawei also says that this is only one of the many strategy plans with which they plan to get into the top three phone vendors world-wide by 2015.

Ambitious plan and I have to tell you that I am impressed by the Ascend P1 series and Ascend D quad.

Huawei PR Russ Gan told the Inquirer that “if you look at Android versus IOS it is clear that IOS from Apple offers a much better user experience.”

Russ Gan also added “We want to design an interface that grows with the user. The user can adjust the settings all the way from a very simple and not very flexible interface all the way to a more complicated and flexible interface in small steps as they get more familiar with our phones.”