Google Nexus One Receives Unofficial Jellybean, Lives On Past AOSP Support


The Google Nexus One is the first official Google Nexus device. Back in its days of glory, it was the best phone available – it has a ‘blazing-fast’ 1GHz processor (well, it was fast for that time), Adreno 200 GPU, 512MB RAM, and of course, the ‘latest’ version of Android back in the day – Android 2.1 Eclair. It lived on to taste official Google-baked Gingerbread, but it didn’t taste official Ice-Cream Sandwich, because of its relatively old hardware. But that didn’t stop the masterminds on XDA-Developers to create ROMs for their beloved phone. At a point, the Nexus One got a highly-functional ICS ROM that proved its outdated hardware can handle the latest at the time Android 4.0 just well. And now, when Jellybean is rolling, it’s safe to assume that the developers will bring it to as many devices as possible, including the ‘oldies’ like the first Nexus phone. Some devices already have Jellybean ROMs, some don’t, but the point of this article is that the Nexus One has just got one too!

The ROM has most of the things working, including everything from the connectivity department, and some other goodies like HW acceleration, USB mass storage and audio. It does have some flaws however.

For instructions on how to install this ROM, as well as more info about it, don’t hesitate to visit the official thread on XDA-Developers, which is linked right below. Oh, and here’s a video of Nexus One running Jellybean:

Source via AndroidCommunity