ClockWorkMod Recovery 6 Released


If you are the proud owner of a rooted Galaxy Nexus, we have got some good news for you! The most popular custom Android recovery – ClockWork Mod has received a major update to version 6.0. The changes that have been implemented by the popular Android developer Koushik Dutta are as follows:

  1. New backup format that deduplicates between backups
  2. Faster backup
  3. Fixed restores of more than 2 GB
  4. Slight UI changes

The changes are sure to bring a lot of joy to the Galaxy Nexus users and will alleviate a lot of problems, making backup & restore as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Koushik Dutta also discussed the future of CWM. Previously, he merged/rebased CWM with every new AOSP release. But soon, this shan’t be the case. From henceforth, only the few areas of AOSP that are of use (roots.c – file system, minui, and updater) will be integrated into CWM.

To download the updated CWM for your Galaxy Nexus (Verizon, Sprint & GSM variants only), you can go here.

CWM v6.0 for GALAXY Nexus

CWM v6.0 is also available for Galaxy R i9103

For Koushik Dutta’s Google+ post, go here.