ZTE to Unveil a Gaming Smartphone on July 18


Many of the Android users (including me) use their smartphones not just for calling, but for gaming. There have been only a few gaming-oriented smartphones in the past (Xperia Play, …), and it looks like ZTE wants to join the gaming club too.

ZTE UK stated on their twitter page that ‘in 6 days you can have one of the most advanced smartphones in your hands!’. This makes us believe ZTE will release a gaming smartphone similar to what the Xperia Play was, maybe without gaming controls this time. We would love to see another gamer with physical gaming buttons, which will be a direct competitor to the Xperia Play.

We don’t know a thing about the technical specifications of this device, but we are pretty sure it will pack a serious punch under the hood. After all, it’s a gamer. It’s safe to bet it will feature at least 1,5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU and 1GB RAM. A HD screen is also very probable, and its size should vary from 4,3 to 4,7 inches.

Fortunately for us, it won’t be really long until we see this beast on the shelves. July 18 is only five days ahead!