How to Create Android Games


There are countless tutorials on the forums regarding Android for just about anything: rooting, unlocking boot loaders, flashing ROMs and kernels, radios, and even creating your own apps.

Now there’s a new tutorial rolling in the XDA-Developers Forum, and this one is about how to create Android games. It’s posted by XDA Senior Member tjdwowh, who is an employee of Kilobolt Studios. The tutorial is very well-explained and it consists several lessons, which are very informative.

The author updates the lessons daily, so it’s more like as reading a programming book than a tutorial, but still, it’s professional. You’ll be doing everything in Eclipse, so make sure you have that. And as always, some programming knowledge is needed. And don’t forget the good motivation – if you’re not motivated, you won’t succeed. Hit the source link down below to go the tutorial on XDA-Developers and start programming!