How to Create Android Games


There are countless tutorials on the forums regarding Android for just about anything: rooting, unlocking boot loaders, flashing ROMs and kernels, radios, and even creating your own apps.

Now there’s a new tutorial rolling in the XDA-Developers Forum, and this one is about how to create¬†Android games. It’s posted by XDA Senior Member tjdwowh, who is an employee of Kilobolt¬†Studios. The tutorial is very well-explained and it consists several lessons, which are very informative.

The author updates the lessons daily, so it’s more like as reading a programming book than a tutorial, but still, it’s professional. You’ll be doing¬†everything in Eclipse, so make sure you have that. And as always, some programming knowledge is needed. And don’t forget the good motivation – if you’re not motivated, you won’t succeed. Hit the source link down below to go the tutorial on XDA-Developers and start programming!



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