Philips W732 With Android ICS And 2400mAh Battery Inside


Philips are known for making entry-level smartphones for the Chinese market. They are preparing a new member for their long-coming list – the Philips W732. While it’s as low-end as it gets, it still packs two or three features found in the high-hitters – Android ICS and a huge 2400mAh battery, which is said to allow 13h of talking or 10,5h of web browsing in a single charge. The screen itself helps a lot for these big scores – the IPS LCD is a good performer when it comes to browsing the web, because it’s efficient with the mostly white nature of web pages, whereas white is the weak point of Amoled screens found on the majority of the high-end smartphones (Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus, RAZR MAXX).

Apart from the battery, the specs are pretty much low-end: it packs 1GHz MediaTek MT6575 processor, coupled with 1GB RAM, a 4,3 inch screen of WVGA resolution, 5MP camera, and the usual connectivity features. We should note here that this is a dual-SIM device, and both SIM cards are hot-swappable.

The Philips W732 will be available in China soon in several color variants: black, pink, green, white, and blue.