Triolith devs talk about upcoming Megatroid for Android game.


Megatroid is a jump’n’run sci-fi game with crazy jump stunts mixed with guns and all sort of stuff that you can equip your character with. The action takes place in a remote future, where your goal is to finish each level and all of its bosses that come in your way throughout the game.

The game has a lot of special effects, all sort of weaponry, armors, rockets and I can tell you from the video gameplay footage in both videos below that the graphics is pretty awesome, it kinda reminds me of Contra, Mega Man, games I used to play in early 90’s.

Megatroid is coming soon to Android, meanwhile watch the first 2 videos in a series of 4, where the Triolith developers of Megatroid talk about the game, its features and future.