Nexus Q Hacked To Run Android Apps


The Google Nexus Q is pretty much, as of now Google’s competitor to the Apple TV. It can stream movies, music and stuff like that onto your TV from your Android phone or tablet.  And all this is done via a simple Nexus Q app.

But, everyone knows that the Android developer community takes the hardware of their devices to their very extreme. The Nexus Q has respectable specifications. It has a dual-core TI-OMAP processor, 16 GB of storage, 1 GB of RAM and has features found in most modern smartphones.

As expected, the Nexus Q has been hacked by shodutta92 over at XDA to run Android apps on your TV! The instructions to do so can be found here. As of now, the process is extremely complicated and can render even the most seasoned Android veteran useless. Although the technique to run the apps exists, there is only one method(at the time of writing) to interact with the applications. And that is via the Android SDK with the Command Line Interface.

If you are a Nexus Q owner and you are up for the challenge, head over to the XDA thread linked above and let us know how your little experiment turns out to be! Good luck!