HTC To Release ICS Update For Rezound in End Of July


Earlier this year, HTC released a roadmap for ICS updates for their devices, and the Rezound was scheduled to June-July. There have been leaks of the coming update, and HTC even approved the update. They finally spoke about a more exact date in a letter, which is a reply to the sender Andrew S. Here’s HTC‘s official statement regarding the update of the Rezound:

Dear Andrew S,

Thank you for contacting HTC regarding the Android 4.0 update. I understand that you are excited to receive the update for your HTC Rezound. I will be happy to share the information I have with you.

The ICS (Android 4.0) update will be released for the Rezound by the end of this month (July) with final pushes in August. Due to localization, testing, and partner approvals, updates do not roll out to all devices at the same time. For devices on a wide variety of carriers and in many countries, rollouts can take up to 45 days from the initial update to reach everyone. It’s almost here, Andrew! We are as excited as you are. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

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So, if they release the update in late July, technically, they will be still on time. It’s in June-July after all. Are you excited about this update? Let us know in the comments!