CyanogenMod’s Team Epic releases proof-of-concept source-built kernel and kexec kernel for the Verizon SGS3


When they the CM team found out that the Verizon SGS3 would be releasing with locked bootloaders, they immediately started building ways to unlock that bootloader. However, they managed to achieve something different as the SGS3 now allows you to boot a kernel without actually having to flash the kernel. This allows you make custom kernels inspite of having a locked bootloader. The proof-of-concept source-built kernel will have full support of the kexec kernel. Users are warned not to install any OTA updates as they may wipe off the ability to utilise the kexec hardboot method during future boots.

The proof-of-concept source-built kernel does the following:

  1. To be included in custom recovery images, as it proves the capability of booting-via-kexec custom kernels from recovery.
  2. To serve as a proof-of-concept boot kernel, to demonstrate that custom kernels are capable of running on the Verizon SGS3 in its present form.
  3. Allow a convenient method to multiboot into alternate ROM‘s.  For example, after CM9 for SGS3 LTE becomes available, bbelos will have a toolkit for you to install CM9-on-EMMC.  This allows for rapid, temporary use of alternate ROM‘s without any changing anything about your phone‘s standard ROM.