CyanogenMod Jelly Bean ROMs to be labelled CM10


Cyanogen have announced that latest CM adaptation of the Jelly Bean Android OS will be labelled CM10 after Jelly Bean became the 10th letter from the Android version lists. The coveted Project Butter will be much easier to merge with CM10. However, existing libs might take some time due to breakage. More importantly if your device is listed in the CM9 device list (Criteria: 512MB RAM etc.) then it is VERY likely that it will also have a Jelly Bean ROM. The enhancements of CM9 were written from scratch after the huge jump made from the CM7 to CM9 platforms. The basic codes are written for the the CM9 ROMs and can be drafted to the CM10 ROMs without hassle. The Trebuchet launcher and lockscreen enhancements will have some work needed in order for them to work on the CM10 ROMs whereas the framework code will be manually merged (as its been split into multiple projects). Release date will still be a while as the source code for the Jelly Bean OS is still unreleased.

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