Amazon Plans an Android Smartphone to Battle With The iPhone


Like it or hate it, the iPhone is one tough opponent to beat. Even the latest Android powerhouses (One X, Galaxy S3) struggle and use their full powers when in a battle against the Apple smartphone. And now it looks like Amazon wants a piece of the iPhone too.

They are going to sell their own Android smartphone, which is going to be competitive with the next Apple powerhouse. This information comes from a reliable source: an employee (who remains anonymous) of Foxconn International Holdings Ltd. (2038), a Chinese phone maker, who works with Amazon for their smartphone.

Amazon has a fine strategy to get in the smartphone business – they are buying patents (mostly connected to the radios), so they don’t end up sued and their device banned. And one thing is for sure – if their phone boasts current-gen hardware and a reasonable price, Amazon will be profiting from their smartphone. It might even be a threat to the iPhone, if it’s a huge success.

As far as hardware and software goes, we don’t have any information, but you can bet it will run a highly-customized version of Android, much like the Kindle Fire, and it’s reasonable to think it will boost a quad-core (or a dual-core Snapdragon S4) CPU.

Speaking of Kindle Fire, the big online retailer is also rumored to bring a 2nd generation tablet – Kindle Fire 2 in the third quarter of 2012. Rumors point to an early August release.