Seven-Inch Amazon Kindle Fire 2 may be Released in August


Amazon made it into the Android tablet realm last year with the budget-friendly Kindle Fire. Now it’s known that they will release a successor to the popular Kindle FireKindle Fire 2.There were numerous speculations about the release date of the tablet, and the latest one sets the release date to August 7 (the last was July 31). This date comes from Amazon’s manufacturing partners in Southeast Asia, and is only connected to the 7 inch model, whereas the possible 8,9 and 10 inch versions may be released some time later after the first one.

With all of its competitors in the 7 inch class, the Kindle Fire 2 must have some serious punch under the hood, and a reasonable price, if Amazon wants to have a good-selling device. It does not have to be the best choice available, but it surely needs to make you think twice before getting a Nexus 7.