Some Google Nexus 7 have an Image Retention Defect?


When Google had announced that all developers who had attended the Google I/O event would be receiving a Galaxy Nexus, a Nexus 7 tablet and a Nexus Q, developers around the world went green with jealousy. Little did they know that the Nexus 7 tablets would soon be going green, red, blue and whatnot. There have been reports of the IPS panel of the Nexus 7 being defective and causing some serious image retention issues.

But, first we have to know what image retention actually is.
Image retention is the effect of having a slight shadow or a ghost image of the previously viewed screen on the current screen of the device. 

Though IPS panels have been notorious for display issues, these issues have not been able to be replicated on any of Asus’ Transformer tablets, which use the same type of display. Complaints are that the ghost image persists for around two-three minutes before disappearing fully.  But, the problem seems to disappear once the tablet’s display warms up a little bit.

Asus has apparently acknowledged the issue and has said that the problem is with a few I/O units and will definitely be sorted out once consumers start receiving the tablets in their hands.

Meanwhile, a certain Lauren Weinstein on Google+ (post link) has refuted any such claims by saying that the image persistence is a characteristic of IPS panels and is a trade-off for better viewing angles and clarity. He also explains residual charge effects candidly, with the help of a Lenovo support page.

Let’s hope that the issue has been resolved and rectified by Asus and we don’t miss out on the Google Nexus 7’s JellyBean goodies!

source Android Police