iFixit Revealed The Internal Components of The Nexus 7, Has Two Speakers And a Hydris-manufactured display


iFixit is known for tearing town new smartphones and tablets, and its latest ‘victim’ is the Google Nexus 7. There shouldn’t be surprises inside the tablet, as the technical specs are officially available, but the guys from iFixit are here to confirm them.

After they opened the back cover, the battery was revealed, along with the radio antennas and the speakers (yes, it packs two speakers!). The battery is, as we already know, a 4,326 mAh one. Nothing new with the radios also – there’s a GPS, Wi-Fi radio and a NFC chip. The only unusual thing here is the speaker. There are actually two speakers, and Google said there’s only one. Neat!

Then, the motherboard popped out. Again, nothing new to write home about, just the familiar Tegra 3 processor, accompanied with a gigabyte of RAM.

And finally, they examined the screen of the tablet. It’s a LCD panel made by Hydis, fused with the Gorilla Glass. Unfortunately, they were unable to determine whether the glass is from the first generation or the second.

So, there you have it. Click the link down below to go to iFixit’s site to read more about the unpacking of the Google Nexus 7 tablet.

Source via The Verge