Google Now – A Punch In Siri’s Face


Android Jellybean brought a dozen of new features to the table, and Google Now is one of them, and probably the most spectacular one. It’s Google‘s answer to Siri – the iOS virtual assistant. While it’s not a true virtual assistant (it’s not even intended to be), it has its own unique features to brag about, and even beats Siri in some occasions. So, without further ado, we’ll jump straight into Google Now, its features, highlights and downsides.

When you launch Google Now, the first thing you see is the gorgeous user interface. You’ll be presented with various cards – weather, travel, sports cards, and so on, which appear when they are most needed. For example, every morning you’ll be greeted with the weather card, on which you’ll find the current weather. At work, you’ll get a traffic card, telling you when the next train arrives… you get the drill. But, that’s not what Google Now is all about. It tends to be more of a Siri-like app, helping you around and making your life easier. Ask a question, and Google Now will try to get the best results for you and present them in a natural way, much like your assistant will answer your questions. It relies on the powerful Google search engine and the Google Knowledge graph database, which work synchronously to bring you the best results available.

If you wonder how this works, here’s the official demo video:

So, do you think Google Now is a revolutionary app, or just a plain gimmick? Drop a comment down below!