Google Nexus Q – Is it a hit, Or is it a flop?


Back at Google I/O 2012, along with Android Jellybean and Google Nexus 7, Google announced the Nexus Q, which is supposed to be a social streaming media player. Its unusual body, with a dual-core OMAP processor and Android 4 inside, caught our attention back at the conference, and it’s supposed to be the first of its kind.

You will notice that the Nexus Q is nothing but a black ball – no keyboard, no screen, no buttons… So, how is this supposed to run Android, and how are you supposed to give this player commands? The answer is: through your Android device. If you want to play a song, you hook up both devices to the same network, and beam the song from your device to the Nexus Q. The same goes for playing videos. Oh, and you can even play YouTube videos from this thing!

All in all, the Nexus Q sounds like an interesting device. It may not be groundbreaking, but it’s good enough and gets the job done. Google may ask too much for this thing – $300 is a little high for a media player according to me, but if that’s not a deal breaker for you,  go for it! I’m sure you’ll have fun moments with this guy! And here’s a little video demonstration of how the Nexus Q works: