Android 4.1 Jellybean Overview



With so many devices that still haven’t received an ICS update yet, you are forgiven if you still think Android Ice-Cream Sandwich is the latest Android iteration. But you are wrong, because Google has officially announced the much-hyped successor of the popular mobile operating system – Android 4.1 Jellybean. According to the version number, some may think it’s just a minor update that won’t bring much improvements over the already great ICS. And they are right, up to a point. Jellybean is not just a minor update – it’s much more than that! But, while it has a dozen of new features, it’s nothing like as a big step forward over ICS as ICS was over Honeycomb/Gingerbread.

I bet you are getting curious about those new features Jellybean brings to the table, and we’re getting to that right now!

Project Butter

One huge downside of the Android operating system was that it was not very smooth, and thus not so appealing to end-users, to be honest. Google finally realized that they needed to fix it, so they came up with a solution – the so-called Project Butter. With ingenious algorithms, Project Butter keeps the CPU, GPU and screen in┬ásynchronization, producing a lag-free user experience at 60 fps, where applicable.

Revamped notifications

One of the biggest advantages of Android over the competition is the notifications system. In the latest installment of the OS, Google made the good even better, by redesigning the appearance of the notifications, and extending user’s control over them. Now the user can make a call from the notification pull-down bar, snooze an alarm, or send an e-mail, all with a single click! And you can get rid of those annoying app notifications, by choosing which applications you don’t want to notify you. Neat, huh?

More flexible home screen

In the past, if a widget didn’t fit your home screen, you had to remove shortcuts and other widgets manually to make space for the big one. Now, Jellybean takes care of that for you. If the widget is bigger than the available space, the home screen automatically rearranges the already placed widgets to make space for the new one. And if it’s just too big, no problem! Jellybean resizes it to fit the remaining space!

Updated camera app

Ice Cream Sandwich took the camera app to a new level. Now Jellybean just refines it. With a swipe, you can preview, compare and delete your images with, again, a single swipe!

New, smarter keyboard

Visually, the keyboard is the same. But under the hood, it’s completely different. The dictionaries are m